Frequently Asked Questions


What can Hoffmeyer's build for me?

We are a custom shop and are building different new things all of the time. We cannot build everything but we typically manufacture interior mouldings ,windows, doors and wooden sash and storm windows, porch railings and spindles, reproduction furniture. We have built many different things over the years including cedar barrel hot tubs, a monkey cage, an outhouse, a dashbord for a '72 Triumph TR6 and even a wooden diving board for a circa 1950's swimming pool. We are the place to go to get that something made that
you just cannot seem to find anywhere.

Why do I buy from Hoffmeyer's Mill?

We are a family owned and operated business in our 40th year since taking over the Mill that has been around since the 1870's. If you are the type of person who likes to see who you are buying from, deal directly with the owner of the company, delve off their many years of experience, quite possibly save some money (we try to offer you the best value for your money), or simply find or make you the item that seems hard to get - that other suppliers do not have time for. We are here to help, and build a relationship that is worth building on. Our goal is to serve you more than one time. Make you want to tell your friends where you got that wood, or door etc..

How do I measure for a screen door?

When measureing for a door it is imperative that you take your measurements in the correct place. This is usually inbetween the exterior casings (sometimes called brick mould) that are fastened to the frame and they are stepped back 1/2" or so from the jamb. This makes the door close onto the frame , preventing it from closing into the main door. Ideally this casing is 1 3/8" deep , which matches the thickness of our screen and combination storm doors. The 36" measurement is the correct measurement for the example shown below. You check the width in three places. Top middle and bottom of the doorway and checkthe height in the same manner. Measuring for storm windows is more or less the same.


Be sure to state if your measurements are tight opening measurements or the actual door to be made measurements (usually 1/4" less both in width and height).

Do you have tolerances?

Our men do fabulous work. We would say we are close enough to 1/16" on most all measurements stated.


Hoffmeyer doors are milled from 1 3/8" stock yet once milled and sanded they may be a little under sized, say 1 5/16".

Our turned spindles are 2 1/4" but again, may sand out at 2 3/16".

Can Hoffmeyer's mail me a catalog?

No. We are primarily a custom shop. You need to tell us what it is you are looking for. All we need is either prints, drawings ,sketches or pictures of what it is you are looking for. People bring us in photos
or sometimes even a catalog just to give us a visual idea of what they are after. This website was designed to show you what kinds of work we do , and the quality of workmanship applied. We are always adding images.

If I am American, why buy from Canada?

With today's global economy, doing business back and forth just makes sense.Canada does more trade with the U.S.A than any other country. We are good neighbors and do billions of dollars in trade each day.

Why does Hoffmeyer's request my TAX NUMBER/VAT/EIN/SSN on the payment form?

We do not need this information from you. U.S. customs requests it on shipping bills of lading so they know who is importing what into the United States. We do not require this information, do not wish to ask for this information and have absolutely no use for it.


As of October 1st, 2004 we require your EIN/VAT or SSN for all customs brokerage clearance. Please see the copy of the form letter from our broker below. Notice that you can call them if you have any questions. If you choose not to provide this number, it may well delay/cancel your shipment.


Call or email us if you have any questions.

How does Hoffmeyer's get me my product?

Doors for example (and other smaller items) are shipped to your door via UPS orders shipped to the United States. If you are from overseas, we will look into shipping possibilities for you. Larger orders ie: house lots of trim or large quantities of windows and doors would be shipped reasonably priced by local common carrier LTL or any other arrangement that we can work out.

TAXES, and what about them?

In the Province of Ontario, HST is added to any quoted price. If you are outside of Ontario but in Canada GST or HST taxes apply.

If you are in the United States and we are shipping product to you, no Canadian taxes are added to quoted prices. All you pay extra is shipping and brokerage/surety bond fees (reasonable) you see in your quote. Local taxes may apply and if they do it is the customers responsibility to look after them.


When we first began shipping our doors long distance some 8 years ago via courier delivery we shipped them glazed (meaning the glass was included). We shipped our about 98 doors with no problems. Then all at once we had two doors arrive to their location with broken glass inside a wooden crate. A cracked pane of glass is not big deal to replace but if there are many shards of glass floating about inside the crate you can imagine what it could do to the surface of your door. The courier companies will not insure glass when installed in a door so we normally now do not ship with glass.

You may not be able to get our doors just anywhere but most cities or towns have a local glass store where you should easily be able to buy the piece or pieces of glass. Many customers install it themselves but some choose to have the glass company (or carpenter) install it for them. We provide you with stops to hold in each pane of glass whihc are pre-nailed for you whihc makes for an easy installation. Finishing is even easier because you can do this prior to glass installation for a better not to mention easier job.

Larger orders shipped "direct LTL" can have glass. We load the truck ourselves and that same truck arrives to you. There is no go betweens who could be careless with your product!


If you choose to pick up the door we can offer you glass options installed or seperate, your choice!


We will provide free estimates for any job that we are capable of completing without any obligation. If an order is requested, at that time we will give the customer a firm "to their door" delivered cost. We look after all the freight, brokerage and handling charges for you so they are included in that price. No extra surprises after the fact.

I am ready to order, now how do I pay?

Upon receiving your work order we typically take a 50% deposit on any custom millwork order. We offer payment by VISA and MASTERCARD which can easily and safely be done over the telephone and fax. You can also send us a moneyorder or personal check (funds need to clear). We also ask you fill out the form below and send it to us with your signature on it. We like to have your signature authorizing us to charge the amount quoted for the job, no more or no less....just like you do when you buy something locally with your credit card.

click here for a CREDIT AUTHORIZATION form.


On all distance orders we require a deposit of 50% with the balance due on completion. Once the project is made we send pictures so you can see what you are paying for before it leaves our mill.

Exchange Rates on the Canadian dollar.

All estimates and prices are quoted in CANADIAN dollars. Currently the Canadian dollar is worth approx. 78 cents to the U.S. dollar. Multiply any quoted Canadian dollar amount by .78 to give you a close estimate of the cost in American funds. For example, an item was $800 and $200 shipping and brokerage, that would be $1000 Canadian Dollars or about $780 USD. This changes on a daily basis.

Please check with your bank or credit card company for up to the day rates of exchange and/or possible service charges.

How long do orders take?

The lead time can vary for us as we are a small 6 man operation. Usually anywhere from 2-4 weeks and as far ahead as 12 to 16 weeks, depending on how large of job, the type of work to be done, and the time of year. We do NOT make practice of getting business by misleading potential customers on lead times. Its so much easier for us to say 6 weeks and have it take 4 weeks , than to say 4 weeks and have it take 6 and being 2 weeks overdue.

Orders of flooring, panelling and lumber etc... are usually shipped within 2 weeks. Doors and windows or more involved arcitectural millwork are usually 8-12+ weeks out.

When quotations are sent out we will include an up to date lead time from when a given order would be placed.

How do I know that Hoffmeyer's does good business?

We are a service oriented small family run business, having been running the Mill since 1974. We want you to be happy with your order. I have just emailed a few customers as follow up, asking them to write me with their thoughts of doing business with Hoffmeyer's. Read the "Feedback" section for just a few examples. I can also supply references, possibly close to your location upon your request.


How to I store or finish a wood door?




1. Doors should be placed either upright with a slight angle SQUARE to a wall, not directly on concrete or near any cold or warm airflow. Alternatively they can be laid FLAT on its back.

2. Our doors typically ship with stiles left long to act as feet or protection so the corners do not get damaged when handling. Mark a line with a square even with the top of the doors top rail and run a band of masking tape on the backside to prevent tear out with the skill saw.

3. Doors should be hung ASAP, no later than 30 days of your receipt. They should be hung raw, fit with all hardware and once satisfied with operation then immediately removed to have finish applied.

4. Doors must be finished equally on all surfaces. Top, bottom, left, right, front and back.

5. If you are painting we recommend a good quality oil based primer if possible. Any knot should be sealed with shellac or BIN prior to priming. Light sanding between coatings provides a smooth finish. A good quality oil or latex paint is your choice after priming.

6. If you are staining you must seal the door after staining. You want to be using an exterior product with application suitable for a door or window. Stain may make it look beautiful but it has to seal the door.

7. Use quality hardware that will last as long as the quality door you have just purchased!

8. Call with any questions. 877 644 5843 toll free.


We are good standing members of the following organizations:


Canadian Federation of Independent Business

CFIB is Canada’s largest association of SMEs representing over 100,000 firms. CFIB promotes and protects a system of free competitive enterprise, strengthens the entrepreneurial culture in Canada, and gives independent business a greater voice in determining the laws that govern business and the nation. A non-profit organization, whose members work in all sectors, CFIB is non-partisan and is financed solely by membership dues. As a matter of policy, CFIB does not endorse or promote the products and services of its members.

Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario

The Lumber and Building Materials Association of Ontario, Inc., established in 1917, is a non-profit association comprised of Ontario retailers, suppliers and service providers in and for the lumber, building materials and hardware trade.





PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUICK RESPONSE! Please include where you are located in any inquiry so I know where you are from.





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