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We are a service oriented small family run business. Simply put our goal is for you, our customer to be happy with your order as we want you, or your friends to come back for more! We do our best to phone or email our customers as follow up once the shipment arrives and ask them to write us with their thoughts of doing business with Hoffmeyer's Mill. Some of them write us back with pictures about the project and/or their experiences.

If you are thinking of purchasing from our company you should take the time to read what our customers have to say.

Here are some of them (dated from old to new):




Sorry, it has been awhile since we had received your order and built everything,
but I did it with some help. Here are some pics of the finish work of our porch.

We are very pleased with the quality of workmanship and how it all turned out.

My wife and I are interested in gingerbread along the peak and maybe you would have
something that matches the woodwork.

Please, when you get a chance please call and let me know some of the particulars.

Thanks again.

Bruce K.

South Amboy, NJ


Hi Reg:

Attached are two photos of our balustrades. We finally installed them last month. They're beautiful, thanks to you.

Lanette, California

Dear Reg and John,

I sent a quick email with a photo of the house, but failed to show the door in much detail. Please find enclosed much better pictures taken on the day of the home tour by one of the hostesses.

A picture is worth a thousand words, nevertheless I'll say it: The door is perfect.

Thanks again.


Mystic, CT



Just a short note to thank you, John and the shop for a great buying
experience. We are so incredibly happy with the results on our front porch.
The replacement screens and windows look like the originals from the 1920's.

The follow up and kind response to numerous questions also made it that much

Look forward to completing some new projects with the help of the "mill" in the
spring of 2000.

Best Regards,


Rich and Gail , New Jersey USA


Here is a picture of the screen door finished and installed. We love it. As you can see it's the most finished part of the back of the house! ( ll in due time). The door visually lengthens our center hall by 50% and lets in much needed light. It's the best part of the house!

Kent and Karen.

Hi Reg,

Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing the good news! The storm door is
finally up and it looks great. It fit in perfectly and after installation
of the hardware and the various coats of stain and polyurethane, it really
finishes off the front entrance to our home.

Thanks for all your help and pointers along the way; it helped make the
finished product turn out to be exactly as we had hoped.

I would have been done much sooner, but Mother Nature didn't seem to want to
cooperate during this past Winter and Spring.

I'll be sure to refer you to any of my friends and colleagues who are
looking for some custom millwork.

Thanks again.

Meg & Tony in Massachusetts



The shipment arrived Tuesday and the flooring was absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until it’s installed. I will definitely send you some pictures once were finished and feel free to use me as a reference, your customer service and and quality products are far superior to any company I have dealt with. Thanks so much.



Birmingham, AL


John and Reg,

I am sorry for not sending these photos to you sooner. The two storm/screen doors finished beautifully, and installed perfectly. We get compliments from every visitor. I am attaching 2 photos; one of a close up of the front door, and a second shot of our family in front of the house (all decked out for a big 4th of July party), the door is visible on this shot also.

Thanks for producing such great doors for us.

Kind regards,
Bob Schantz




Good to hear from you. Installation of the trim and base is about
three-fourths complete. All is going well and you'll get the full impact
once we are finished and I send along several pictures.

We are quite pleased with every aspect of the order, especially the
personal service and attention. You and John did a great job of
reproducing the original base and trim. Also, the rosettes and
cornerblocks really provide character and authenticity. The carpenter was
impressed with the quality and workmanship of both the screen and entry
doors (these have not been painted and installed yet--will get much more

feedback after they are up). Finally, you all did a meticulous job of
packing up the order--and the driver was very nice about bringing an
18-wheeler into a neighborhood (and about helping to unload the items, a
lso). Like I said, it's difficult to describe something that is so
visulal--you'll get a better sense of how things worked out after I send
pictures. Perhaps you can include these in your brochure.

I have one potential request, depending on cost and feasibility. There are
3 double windows in the house. The strip that separates these windows (in
the middle) is rather wide in relation to the 4.5 inch trim, which means
the reveal is somewhat noticeable. What would it cost to send down 3
pieces of trim (one piece would be 5 and seven-eighths and the other 2
pieces would be 5 and one-quarter). Time is not a big issue.

Have a great weekend and I'll wait to hear from you.

Rod ,

Charleston W. Virginia USA

Hello Reg & all

Finally got around to getting pictures of the screen door you made for us; enclosed are 3 jpg images.

You folks were patient, helpful and a pleasure to work with. Terrific door, superior workmanship & 2 very satisfied customers.

Thank you!

Mike & Sandy Dietrich

Hoffmeyer's Mill has provided me with two superb double-glazed sash windows
for my 120-year-old house in Georgetown, Washington DC as well as
custom-made crown mouldings and window trims. Reg and his father John have
been extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating. Everything was well
packed and shipped across the US-Canadian border. The US-Canadian dollar
exchange rate made the price very affordable. But the main factors
recommending Hoffmeyer's are the traditional craftsmanship and the fact they
can do virtually anything you want swiftly and efficiently. I am already
planning to replace all my plastic and vinyl windows with custom made items
from Hoffmeyer's.


Washington DC

Dear Reg,

We have absolutely NO problem using us for a future reference. In fact, if you do get any customers who live in my neighborhood (hopefully from our recommendation!), we'd be Happy to have them stop by! You guys truely do outstanding work that can best be appreciated in person. You can be sure that we'll tell everyone who visits us about your company! As far as buying from you again.......I've already wracked my brain for other items we might "need" but so far I havent thought of anything. I would like to buy lumber from you tho!!!! I'm starting to do some Easy projects on my table and band saw but I dont feel competent enough at it yet to warrant using such beautiful wood as you do!

Well Reg, we just cant say Thank You enough for all you've done for us. I feel that you are going above and beyond what Anyone would expect from a company. You just dont get this level of customer service anymore. I suppose thats why we like to shop with the "Mom and Pop" places versus a conglomerate. I feel very fortunate to have 'found' you and I'm very hopeful we can do business together again! Feel free to contact us anytime if there's ever anything we can do for you.

Jim & Elaine Martin ,

Sunbury Ohio


The window arrived safely yesterday and it looks great. I'll send photos of
it once its been installed. Thanks again and great working with you.


South Dartmouth, Maine, USA


The 10" Pine flooring arrived today 09/09/2003 and it looks really good. I would not hesitate to order more if needed and would highly recommend it. Thanks again!

Rick ,

Carpenter from Gainsville Virginia

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a note to say great job on your website - it looks like your business has greatly expanded because of this and customers are able to find you from all over...

I came across your site out of interest, as my great great grandfather was Henry Hoffmeyer. My father Paul Stoskopf grew up in the house across the street from the mill, and my grandparents (Marie and Otto Stoskopf) lived there until Otto's death in 1989.

I remember Sebringville quite well as I spent many family holidays there, and the history of the mill has always interested me. I still spend some time in Bayfield, so when I am passing through on my way to the cottage I always stop in at the cemetery (where the Stoskopf family is buried) and I take a look at how the mill is doing.

I have moved to Alberta so I haven't been able to pass through lately, but it's something I always look forward to when I do get the chance.
It's nice to see the business is still thriving and that the history is not only remembered and shared, but also a selling point with authentic pieces made from the original technology.

Well done!


Julia Stoskopf



Bill the driver was GREAT! Can't emphasize that enough. And the wood is PERFECT. Small knots and few and far between, which is exactly what we were hoping for. My wife was elated when we started unloading it. For reasons I won't go into, it made the most sense to bring the whole load in through a couple of open windows. It took about 2 and a half hours and Bill assisted without a single complaint. What a great guy! We had to talk him into accepting enough of a tip to buy himself a good dinner. Please—don't hesitate to use me as a reference. I will be happy to take any calls from those interested in buying flooring from you.
Best to you,

Greg in Exeter, California

2800 sq ft of wide plank White Pine flooring.



A shot of one of our fir screen/storm door on the front porch of our 1920's Bungalow, here in Metro Detroit.

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. Love 'em both, very great quality and excelent service!!!!

By the way, do you by any chance make custom picture frames? Or would you be interested? Let me know, they would be quarter sawn oak, simple, etc.

Thanks again!



October 30,2006

Hey Reg.

This email is long overdue. But I wanted to thank you for our beautiful porch. You guys are first class.
I don't know if you can use these in your Marketing or not, but I wanted to at least send you photos of how our porch turned out.

Thanks again.


Maryland, USA

November, 2006

Dear Reg:


Sorry that it has taken so long to reply to your request for photographs of the doors and windows you made for me last winter. Attached are a number of images showing your work in place. Both the doors and windows have worked perfectly. Thanks for your great work.



Indian Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada


Hello Reg,

Well, I have finally laid this floor down and have most of it stained(minwax puritan pine) and varathaned and I have to say it looks awesome. I should also express that I was pleased at the overall quality of the product. I had very little waste in terms of having to cut out cracks or loose knots. I am hopping to be able to put a couple of digital pic's together once it is 100% complete and shoot you another e-mail shortly. Perhaps in the summer I will look at doing my upstairs and buying some more flooring from you.


Thanks again,
Colin T.
Jacksons Point, Ontario



Hi Reg,

It's been a while since we picked up our new front door from you, but we did promise to send you pictures.
We re-did the entire front of our house and your door was part of that transformation.
We finished the door ourselves and then had a carpenter install it. We used brass replica hardware.

Great work, we love it. Tell the father / son who created it that we treasure it and have had tons of compliments from neighbours.

Thx,Gil & Andrew

Annex Neighbourhood, Toronto


In June of 2007 my family and i took a trip to Stratford as we normally do every year.On this trip we decided to go for a ride out of the main part of town. Well, we stumbled upon your building as we were passing by. I quickly made a u-turn to check it out. I am an avid woodworker so i just about died when i saw the old tools through the window, and when i got out to take a closer look, i was greeted by the owner and was promptly given permission to look around with my son.

I felt like i went back in time immediately, to a simpler time and when people had time for other people, it was so refreshing i must say!

I still remember the men inside that i talked to, who also were very busy but stopped for a few moments just to explain how a few of the machines worked. My God, my son talked about it for weeks afterwards.

I just wanted to email you and let you know how much of an impression you left on our family and myself personally. Its not too often that people treat you the way my son and i were treated that day. Now that i have the internet hooked up i wanted to drop a line and say, "JOB WELL ONE !!" You certainly run a class act business and should be proud.

Your web-site in second to none as well, maybe i am a bit bias because i love wood, but seriously everything looks great on the site!

My family and i live in Niagara Falls and can't wait to get back in June this year for our annual trip to Stratford, but don't tell my wife , im looking more forward to seeing your shop again, just love the smell of sawdust when you walk in...:)

Keep up all the good work, and don't be afraid to show the workers this email. They deserve all the praise they get along with the owner who i met that day!


Chris Smatana


January 2008


Hello Reg,

Better late than never, here is a picture of the door you made for us, stained and installed on our log house in Rochester, VT. Thanks again - it was a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,

Mike Teetsel

February 2008

Hey Reg,

We finally got our floor down...and I wanted to send some pics.

The month between purchase and install gave the floor plenty of time to acclimate.

2 of us laid the 200sq floor, in about 5 hours. I opted not to attempt pine on the kitchen floor, so we'll use the rest for the center hall, when the new stairs go in.

I'm very happy with the finished product. The wife likes it too... I used Saman stain (117) and knocked it back with a 120 pad on the floor sander to bring out the grain. It really came to life when I did that! Fabulon Crystal on top.


Chuck Surette
Shedden, ON


Hi Reg!

I finally got my film developed so I could send you photos of the finished door. You guys did a terrific job! The overall job took longer, because I also had to strip black paint off the front door prior to installing the storm door. Then, of course, finding the right color to stain the door and tung oiling it. I also wanted to have the screen insert and the glass insert end results to send you, so it wa'nt until Oct./Nov. that I got the glass insert picture taken. I do not have a digital camera, so t he photos could be imporved upon, but then who knows when I'd get the photos sent! I look at the front porch and smile, Thank you all for a great job!



Dekalb, IL, USA

APRIL 2008

Hi Reg,

As promised I just sent you a few photos...

Reg, you and the boys at the mill have been fantastic. All your materials were top notch. Our entire house has the Hoffmeyer touch...from the flooring, baseboard, sills, trim, crown molding and exterior board and batten. Your pricing is excellent and your service has been superb. You went above and beyond the call for us on more than one occassion. Everyone who sees the house comments on the flooring and the finish trim. You definitely can't find this stuff at the local big box store! Thanks again for all your help!

Andy, Mississauga Ontario

Wide plank Pine flooring supplied by Hoffmeyer's.

Board and Batten supplied by Hoffmeyer's

Casing, Baseboards and Crown mouldings supplied by Hoffmeyer's.

August, 2008

Hi Reg,

The tower is now complete. Attached are some photos of your fine handiwork. In my opinion, the windows are the signature element of the tower. We are having a great time with it. My kids love it and I often go up just to check out the beautiful views of Georgian Bay.

Best regards,


August, 2008

Hi Reg,
The brackets look fantastic (photo attached).....I want to get the ball rolling on the other 11.



....and here is the second job we did most recently helped Matt with:

Hi Reg,
Thanks again. You guys are the best! I will be's only a matter of time.


West Harrison, NY

September 2008

Hi Reg - we purchased a custom screen door from you folks in late 2001 (Invoice #9206) & wanted to give you an update on its condition. After approx 7 years of constant opening, closing, banging and children poking fingers at the screening, it still looks & performs like new. Your craftsmanship, not only in appearance but in durablility, is rare these days.

Thanks again---Mike & Sandy Dietrich

Hi Reg,

Thank-you for your work on the storm window. It looks great. I will still have to pop it off in the spring to paint, but putting it up now has really cut the drafts in our front room. I included a shot of the fasteners I used. Your dad seemed interested in them. I got them at the "Door Store" in Toronto.

I hope to get some storm door measurements to you in the next month or so.

Cheers, Happy New Year - Glenn

Customer satisfaction. It is what we do our best to provide.

January 2009:

Hi Reg, I live in Katy ,Texas and about 6 months ago I asked you to copy a couple of pieces of a babies rocking chair that had enormous sentimental value to me in that I purchased it in 1980 for my daughter Katie when she was born. Well, she presented me and my wife with our first grandson, Brayden, and now he is using his mothers chair 29 yrs. later thanks to you and your team and the masterful copy/repair job on the chair. While the chair is surely not the size or complexity of your usual work I can assure you that what that chair represents and who sits in it is one of the most precious human beings in my life. Thank you so much for assisting some grandparents in saving a piece of our history and when you view the pictures you will see we have outfitted your repair with our very precious,smart, good looking and athletic grandson.

Thanks , John and Patricia Bies


January, 2009

Hi Reg. Here's a picture of the bench that I made for my wife for Christmas. She absolutly loved it. She told me me that this is something that you would find for sale in a store that sells hand-crafted furniture. It makes sense being that this is a hand-crafted piece.
Thanks for the wood. I'm already planning my next project, so you can expect to see me in the near future. Thanks again, Bruce.

November 2009

Hi Reg,

Attached are a few pictures of the first window installed - everything
worked beautifully (except for a bit of out of square brickwork!) I am
finishing up the inside millwork and will forward some pictures when

Please let Carl know how much his efforts are appreciated - the
windows are beautiful and were a pleasure to install. The only thing I
didn't enjoy was the painting!

Thanks a lot for the wonderful service and I will definitely be in
touch for some additional work.


Joe Sammon, Waterdown ON

Nov 2009

I thought I would finally send that picture you asked for, we love our door.

Mike Bell

July 2010

Dear Reg,

It was truly a pleasure working with you on this project. You were so helpful in guiding us with what we wanted, and your attention to detail is impeccable! You replicated the moulding from the existing sidelights exactly. The entrance really "flows" now.

Thank you for the good old-fashioned attention you gave us. And thank you for the good old-fashioned, well made door. We love it!


Marc and Leiba, PA, USA


I have been late getting these images to you, but here are some I took of the door. Hope you enjoy your work, because we really love it.

Karl and Gwen, Kitchener


Reg-thank you very much for building such a beautiful door for the entry to our bathroom from the master bedroom. We added the glass and it gives us that nostalgic feel which we were looking for. Everything you promised was delivered and more. I appreciate the way in which you handled our door order and the perfect shipping crate you sent it in. We live in Hidden Hills,California and I had been looking for a certain style of door from the early 1900's Mid-West US. I was a bit nervous ordering from Canada, but you lived up to your word and I would highly recommend you to anyone in the US looking for beautiful classic millwork. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Kim Wolfson

Hi Reg

Finished the shed a few weeks ago and thought you would like to see what I did with the windows. Three shots have the windows open and one closed. We are really pleased with the windows you provided for us and we enjoy them immensely and we get a lot of comments on how cool they are. They really make the shed.

I hope you enjoy seeing where your hard work goes.

Thanks so much for your help.


June 2011

Hi Reg, thought I would forward the results. Here are the before and after



Receiving this feedback makes this business very rewarding.


PS Thanks to everyone who sends pictures.

Email or telephone numbers could be released upon request if you wish to speak to a customer for yourself.


ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUICK RESPONSE! Please include where you are located in any inquiry so I know where you are from.