Ogilvie's Planing Mill Ltd

operating since 1974 as



DATE _____________________

DEAR _______________________ (example John, or Reg)

I hearby authorize Ogilvie's Planing Mill ltd. operating as Hoffmeyer's to charge my credit card:

Total invoice amount of $_______________________ Canadian dollars (as per your quote)

50% of the above total to be taken upon our receipt of this note as your deposit, with the balance due at time of completion.

CARD # ____________________________________________

Please check only one of VISA __ Mastercard__ Expiry Date (mm/yy) __________V code (last three digits on the back of the card)___________

Name as it appears on card :

____________________________________________________ please print clearly


X _______________________________________


HOME telephone number _____________________________________

* SSN #____________________________________

Please promptly fax this form to us at 519-393-5109 to get your order placed.

You can print this form and fax or scan a completed signed form and email to: ogilvie@hoffmeyersmill.on.ca

* required from American customers by our broker to clear US customs on all orders over $1000. EIN/IRS/VAT number required if billing to a business- call if any questions.

Thank you for choosing Hoffmeyer's. We look forward to your satisfaction!