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There are 6 pages of screen/storm door designs below for your viewing pleasure.

These doors have unique appeal because each one is custom made. The style, proportions and sizes can be tailored to match existing door and frame. Choose one of our styles or supply your own design/picture. Combination screen/storm doors are also available. Interchangeable wood glass inserts are custom made with wood stiles in 4 ,six or nine lite panes . The doors are machined from solid 1 3/8" #1 common or Select grade Ontario White Pine (Clear Pine, Fir, Red Cedar, Spanish Cedar also avaiable) and are made with "mortise and tennon" Joinery. The fretwork is hand sawn on the band or scroll saw, and the spindles are turned on the lathe. All in which have substance. One person makes and assembles the entire door. No finger-jointed wood or pencil thick spindles are used. Remember, these doors are made the old-fashioned way on historic equipment that dates as far back as the 1870's. We make them like they used to!

Proper installation and finishing will provide many years of enjoyment , not to mention the increased value of your home.

We can build many different types of Wood Doors for interior or exterior applications. If you are missing a door and need one made to match other doors in your home maybe we can help you.

Here is one combination door crafted here at Hoffmeyer's that is now located in Waterford, Virginia.

From June, 2003


Here is a picture of the screen door finished and installed. We love it. As you can see it's the most finished part of the back of the house! ( all in due time). The door visually lengthens our center hall by 50% and lets in much needed light. It's the best part of the house!

Kent and Karen.

We have happy customers from Edmonton to Amsterdam, Minnesota to West Virginia to Utah, and Florida to California! Click our FEEDBACK link to read more customer testimonials and just ask if you woudl like a reference.

Now sit back and take your time ( for the images to load) and browse through these next few pages of doors crafted right here at Hoffmeyer's Mill.


We can create many different designs and match existing architectural details. This door will have multiple colors of glass installed with at least three paint colors when completed. We will post pictures when they become available.

30 years of experience handcrafting doors in our shop gets you a beautiful result:

Detail work can doubl ethe price of a door but we'll price your job with no obligation. As of 2019 prices start at $495 for a plain screen door but sky is the limit.

We will make you a door to match your homes look or your main door's proportions.


Custom Combination door with two panel storm insert. Thanks Katy!


Above is Combination Door shown with both it's Interchangeable inserts removed.


Above shows a the same Combination door, with its seperate inserts installed for two distinctive looks for summer and winter. This is the higher end of the price range and milled in Pine runs $1100 Canadian funds (2019) plus shipping and handling charges which we think are quite reasonable. Call or Email for a no obligation quote for one of our doors delivered direct to your door, most anywhere in North America.

Image showing how the inserts are lapped into the door to seal drafts. Held in with turn buttons, just like in the old days. All glass inserts are TRUE DIVIDED lite, meaning munton bars are seperating individual panes of glass. Like in the old days. No dummy grills here!

A pair of "steve" style combination storm doors above, installed below.

The closeups below show you the detailed finish carpenty you get from a single pair of hands with over 20 years experience building custom doors, one at a time, to your individual requirements. Thanks for the picture Kevin!



Round top combination doors can be done as well.

...actually we can make them in all shapes and sizes!


Panel configuartion and proportion can be tailored to match your existing doors design and size. The Glass inserts can be in the above popular 9 lite offset design, or 4 equal panes , 2 equal panes. These are true divided lite with 7/8" munton bars just like in the old days! Your door is made by one carpenter, to your specification.



An unique combination door with true divided irregular shaped lights now in Mystic, Connecticut. The inserts to the right of the door are for glass while the inserts installed on the door will have screening applied. The possibilities are endless. Watch this page in the comining weeks to see this door installed on the home.


Here is one picture. Note how we lined up the lock rail dictating the proportions of the door to match the sidelights. More images to follow when the construction/painting is complete. Thank's Kimber! :)

A stained #1 common Pine "Reg" screen door on Avon Street, Stratford.

A custom crafted tree design incorportated into a unique screen door. Clear Pine.


Custom screen only type handcrafted by one carpenter doors start at $495 Canadian funds and typically can range up to $1150 + +Canadian funds (for the fancy style combination pine doors). Shipping and handling is extra. Email your specific details for a quote.

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