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photo courtesy Irene Miller

Below you will see just a few pictures of some of the interesting work completed at the mill, or in some cases projects by our customers with lumber or millwork purchased at Hoffmeyer's as shown on the completed project.

Windows manufactured at our mill.

10" wide plank Pine flooring.


Heavy multiple piece brackets make up this sideboard.

Custom arched mouldings are our specialty. We can match profiles.

We Expertly turn spindles to match by hand & eye.

above are just some of many designs of rosettes, buttons, and casing blocks that we can reproduce for you.


Larger walk-through arbor.

A custom wall unit of Esther and Roy Browns above and below you can see custom kitchens hand crafted at Hoffmeyer's Mill.

..another custom Hoffmeyer kitchen

More Hoffmeyer windows as well as our 10" Baseboard.


Six light sash just assembed in front of our shaper.

Gothic work can still be done. These sash are all true divided light for individual cut panes of glass.

these sash can also be glazed with mirror.....


..or stained glass for decorative accents inside the home.

A miniature cherry/pine harvest table now residing in Michigan.

A reproduction wardrobe from the Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture

Highly detailed elements shown closer.



The small saltbox! Lots of Hoffmeyer in here

A "new" old cottage with our door

Now there's an entry!

A New Jersey home that we have supplied screens and storm windows for the enclosed porch. Thanks to Rich and Gail for the pictures.

Below are some images of work by a customer of ours, Jim Welsh.


Rolltop desks handcrafted by Jim Welsh.

inside the cherry desk, built with Hoffmeyer Lumber.

Authentic Hoosier reproductions are made from solid Oak also made by Jim Welsh.

Jim past away in 2004. We'll never forget you Jim!

A couple of years ago we had an older fellow from Cardiff, England on vacation who wanted to take some Canadian Butternut wood home with him to build a deed box. He was so nice to give me a picture of the completed piece. Thanks!


Above shows you a canoe made by Skip Izon of Shadow River Boatworks, in Grand Bend, Ontario.

We supply him with the quality Red Cedar needed for this type of fine work.

his telephone is 519-238-6838


Richard Row's studio in Toronto. We supplied the stable type doors, man door and clear cedar shiplap siding. The ceiling will be lined with center V match tongue and groove Pine.

Let us help you finish off your home in your individual way. We work with do-it-yourself customers every day.

Thank you Kolos!

Solid Teak doors custom made for a Mainship 34' Trawler

"One of a kind" pocket doors for Sandy and Melody in Stratford.

1 x 10 Barn Pine works for wallboard on the insides of shops too! Thanks Jason.


6 foot model $265 Canadian dollars

You can supply us with your design and I will quote. This design is in Solid White Ash hardwood and is a heavyweight coming in at well over 150 pounds. This bench would run around $2500 Candian dollars. The fancier the design, the more time, the more money. If we were to build more than a "one off", the price could go down somewhat. Afterall, it is quicker to build 10 and one time vs. building one ten times. That said, we are not set up to make 5000 of them for Walmart or Home Depot. We are a custom shop, not a production shop. We build to order. "Quality over Quantity" as they say comes to mind.

Wood lath Artwork By Jim Norton

The Bluenose in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


We get all kinds of interesting requests. Here were customers who had an old door with nothing but sentimental value. Their children all had their heights growing up that were measured on the back side of this old closet door. Instead of throwing it away when renovating they came up with the idea of making it into a headboard, leaving the history intact on the back side of the door. As you can see it turned out very well!


Thank you to Val and Jim!


In October 2006 you assissted me in selecting some 8/4 Pine, Basswood, and Soft Maple for some end tables which I tried to describe for you. They are built pretty much to the plan I had in my head at the time except for the finish which I orginially pictured as a different stain on each of the woods. We (my wife and I ) stained them first but then decided to paint over top of that and rub the edges etc to give them a worn appearance. The top book of each set is soft maple with a soft maple lid, the middle is pine and the bottom basswood. In hindsight I probably wouldn't have needed the three different woods.

These end tables measuring 19" high, 20" wide and 26" long were Christmas presents for our 3 grown children and their families. They seemed to be a hit!
Thanks, Reg for your help and suggestions regarding different woods and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

John & Linda


Make a statement with your Cedar deck. Ask us how!

Mike and Donna's lovely Quarter Sawn Oak dining room set. Materials purchased from our mill.


What a lovely view. Hoffmeyer's supplied the mouldings and V groove ceiling for this home. Thanks Tom and Cathy!


Porch in Holland inspired by our mill's porch.

Walnut clock crafted by Brad Hunt

A Boat House in North West Ontario.

We crafted the window sash and Z-bar plank doors for this job.

Makes you wish you were there. Thanks Claude!

Another job showing our doors, transom sash and our screen door too!

A "Barn Board" deacons bench made by Bruce Isbister.

Custom window sash with installed Cathedral colored glass.

A somewhat boring back yard in Fingal, Ontario....

...transformed into a fabulous place for entertaining or just relaxing!

Thanks Jim, Catie and Greg!


We laminated up a White Ash glue-up for this young lad to make himself a guitar.

It turned out great!

Vanessa Graham's Jinx Murphy Designs craft shop offers unique handmade decor for your home.

Her website located in the links section of our website.


Maple cabinet crafted by Mike from London, ON.

Custom metal security doors crafted by Frank Holte

"All sculptures are handcrafted, vines and bars are constructed in cold rolled steel"

Every leaf is individually cut out and planished by hand. No two produced will be the same, each piece will be designed for you and built by a local Stratford artist Frank Holte, who headed the prop department at the Stratford Festival theatre for 39 seasons.


Frank also teaches his craft at "Off the wall" in Stratford. and can also do security bars for windows in the same style to your dimensions." Maybe you have an idea you would like materialized. "If it is metal, go see Frank" say's Reg Ogilvie from Hoffmeyer's Mill in nearby Sebringville


Vertical Grain Red Cedar door trimed in Poplar.

Custom Gazebo built by Jamie and Pat from Gethke Construction 519-393-8169

Serving Stratford and the greater Perth County area.

Oak Cabinets and trim from Hoffmeyer's crafted by Mike in St. Mary's


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