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Another African Mahogany entry installed in New Hampshire:


Hoffmeyer's "Regency" style doors


I call this door the Regency. The mitred moulding above the glass opening along with the dental trim below add a etailed look that you simply do not see anymore. Below you can see a closer detailed look at the fine work that is crafted at Hoffmeyer's.


Here we see the door installed in Hammond and Judith's stone Bed and Breakfast nearby Stratford.

Pine and Ash Regency doors with an added rasied panel on top in place of the cap moulding for another unique look. The stiles are left long on all doors shipped without a frame. These act as feet which protect the corners of the door until they are hung.


Above shows a flat panel with moulding on the inside of the door vs. the rasied panel on both sides.

Above shows the preliminary scale drawing done for the customer with the result shown below:

Thank you for waiting for all of our images to load. hopefully it's been worth the wait!


Douglas Fir Regency door.

A Select Pine door.

Another custom job for clients from Toronto.

"Shop Drawing" above, close to scale. Completed door and frame unit below.

Home in Toronto before.

Home in Toronto after.

Special thanks to Gil and Andrew.


A diamond lite insert for a custom designed door in Long Island, NY. These are true divided lites with individual panes of glass.

..the insert shown here installed in a custom designed entry.


Carl building a 1 3/4" round top exterior door.

This is a 48" wide exterior entry door from a downtown Toronto duplex. Fluted detail and turned rosettes reproduced exactly like the original door. This picture does not doo this piece justice.


This custom exterior door above is 90" high x 1 3/4" thick, solid Ash and is upwards of 200 pounds

Here is a picture of the Ash door installed and finished. Thanks dave! A stain really brings out the beauty of the Ash lumber. We also made a matching storm door with a similar oval design matching the Ash doors oval to complete the look.


a pair of interior 24" french doors.

Above showcases our ability to reproduce doors to match. The original door was grained with paint to simulate an oak grain. Lots of hours in building these two doors. The curved panel mould was turned on the lathe and then cut into halfs or quarters. The back of the door is pictures in the centre with its custom matching raised panels.

Above shows Mrs.West and John with one of her finished doors.

Above is a custom Pine entry with a heavy panel mould and unique 3 lite window design.



Here we have an odd shaped 4 panel interior door. We can make them any size!

Some custom designed pine V grooved doors that are now in Northen Michigan.


above you can see an exterior 1 3/4" thick 4 raised panel pine door with an extra panel mould. Below is a close up of the depth of detail this mould adds to a door.

Custom solid Teak doors for a 34' Mainship trawler.

Pictures of the unit installed.

A solid Cherry entry door and frame. The diagonal Pine you see in the window is place on the frame to keep it square until it has been installed. Note how we have made the irregular substiles on the door to give a unique shape to the panels.

Below you will see a Clear Pine door made for the Perth County Court House.

Carl Strasser busy at work building the door which is close to 9 feet tall.

Incredible attention to detail comes with the near 30 years Carl has been at the Mill.

Below shows the door with panel mouldings applied.


A pair of reproduction Tombstone doors in St. Mary's Ontario.

Thanks Jack & Maria!




Want to see how a door is acually put together?? Click the link below for a walkthrough of the process:

See how we custom built a SOLID OAK entry for a customer in Tenessee HERE

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