Shiplap and panelling for walls and ceilings


Hoffmeyer's mill is the source for all differnt kinds of wall treatments made from wood products. We can custom mill you shiplap from rustic Pine or clear Pine, Poplar, Fir, Oak, Ash and most any other wood. Smooth face or rough face, 1/8" gap , no gap, 1 1/4" gap. V joint or square edge, 1 x 3 all the way to a 1 x 12. Bring us your idea's!

above shows our 1 x 12 milled into shiplap. The Morrisons chose a 1 1/4" gap so it gives you a board and batten look with still the ease of a flush wall.


....add some color to the fireplace and it just POPS!

To mix it up they whitewashed the bedroom.

Thank's for the pictures folks. It makes good wood look great!

Pattern Stock solid Pine wood paneling:

Hoffmeyer's also carries V-Match tongue and groove for wainscotting or ceilings as well as Board and Batten siding. We can mill up special custom orders of any custom siding or pattern you may require and cannot seem to find. If we cannot machine it, we can likely get it machined for you! Prices for stocked popular styles start at approximately $2/SF and go up from there. If you wanted lower grade 'outs' that too may be avaiable at a discounted price. Call/email with your needs/quantity/location to confirm your best price.


1 x 6 edge and center V match Pine.


a close up shows you the profile. This is ~5/8" thick


1 x 8 Edge and Center Beaded Pine

flip side has the Edge V pattern. This stock is 3/4" thick.

The grade is premium Knotty. Select grades can be ordered as well.


Western Red Cedar is also available in many sizes and patterns.

We stock 1 x 6 V joint in both Knotty and Clear grades and can supply with either a smooth or rough sawn face.



Rustic finish 1 x 8 White Pine T&G paneling.SPECIAL ORDER

Flip side is smooth for flooring or wall application. Call with your quantity for pricing.

Wide plank V joint rustic finish shiplap ceiling in Pine.

Shipping details are also required if you want a landed delivered price.


'Enhance' Prefinished clear 2 coat White Pine T&G V match paneling, also available in Almond color as well as whitewash, 6" and 8".

Also machined in beadboard profiles.


a medium sheen with extra care in packaging shown with clear sheets of plastic in between each row.

prodcuded to top quality Pine prefinished paneling that saves alot of time on your project

Prices vary depending on quantity (volume discount applicable to orders over 2000 SF)

Clear, Whitewash and Almond finishes shown above.


NEW for 2018 is WOODTONE.

Click link below to see more prefinished wood panel products with some items in stock and most items available to order.


*** 2019 We currently stock 1 x 6 tradtional V-joint and Fineline 16' end matched T&G ***

Smokey Bourbon Fineline shown here above and below shows end matched T&G ends

This makes for a quick and easy installation. The Fineline and V joint prefinsihed are all 16' lengths!

Irish Cream is similar to a whitewash where you still see the wood grain and knots through the finish.



*** NOW stocking is the Primed Fingerjoint Pine 1 x 8 x 12' shiplap T&G.***

shown is 1 x 8 but 1 x 6 is also available...

... 2 coat primer system and no knots make this great to paint any color!

yes, this is solid wood.

Call on us with your footage requirements, styles and colors for our best price.

Custom hardwood and softwood paneling V joint, shiplap, beaded etc. able to be supplied or manufactured by Hoffmeyer's Mill

Ash stained Ebony

Ash 3 1/4" edge V slid wood T&G paneling. Can be machined up to 5" wide.

or choose Mahogany...




Walnut or Butternut.

We may also be able to machine any other type of wood to your custom requirements.




We also offer quality decking such as Western Red Cedar, Ipe and Tigerdeck plus Accoya lumber too.


Call us toll free 877 644 5843 or EMAIL us for details.

updated 2019/04/01